Lift for Benchtop Tool?

Q: I have a benchtop planer (Dewalt) that I don’t want to store on the bench or use a separate stand because of the footprint. I want to store it on a shelf below, but at about 90 pounds, it’s tough to move from shelf to benchtop, and I know as I get older, it’ll get harder. What can I get to raise it from the shelf to the benchtop safely and easily? Lift mechanisms I’ve found (like for commercial kitchen mixers) have a 60 pound capacity.

Chris Marshall: I can’t recall seeing dedicated benchtop tool lift mechanisms on display at the trade shows, but if they exist, I hope other eZine readers will bring it to our attention. It would be a great idea – those benchtop planers are extremely heavy! However, I have seen project plans for shop-made systems that tip or tilt tools up into position on a workbench or cabinet. Browse through some workshop project books for help if you’d like to build one. If readers out there have come up with a clever design for this application, write in and share it with this questioner (and with us!).

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