November/December 2022

November/December 2022 Issue Preview

November/December 2022 Issue Preview

While Thanksgiving might not even have come and gone yet, smart woodworkers get on those gift requests as early as possible…right? But perhaps you’re at a bit of a loss this year for fresh ideas to build. Well, our new December issue might help you out of that conundrum, because we’ve got three projects that will be as fun to make as they will be to give!

Kitchen Spurtles: These 15th-century Scottish kitchen widgets will be as useful now as they were for stirring porridge back then. You’ll sculpt them with a band saw and benchtop sander.

Wearable Turned Rings: Rockler’s new ceramic or metal ring cores and stepped mandrels can help you turn custom jewelry on the lathe.

Christmas Tree Ornaments: Create festive baubles for your tree with a bit of spindle-turning and decorative hardware.

Contemporary Table: We refresh a curvy, split-topped table with bow tie inlays and wedged tenons from our archives. It’s proof that what’s old but well-designed can be new again.

Shop Talk: A Minnesota woodworker creates whimsical elf houses to honor Icelandic folklore and brighten up public parks.

Woodturning: Nothing warms a holiday evening like candle light. Ernie Conover shares a neoclassical candlestick design that gives tapered candles a handsome base.

Skill Builder: The last installment of our six-part joinery series focuses on box and finger joints. As eye-catching as they are strong, it’s no surprise that box joints are a perennial project favorite.

Power Tool Fundamentals: Among the many ways you can make mortise-and-tenon joints, a mortising machine and tenoning jig whip them out with ease and precision. Here are details about each tool.

Tool Preview: Rockler’s Bow Tie Starter Kit and interchangeable templates are the perfect solution for routing our Contemporary Table’s decorative accents.

Hardworking Hardware: Tabletop drop leaves should be hung from drop-leaf hinges that swivel on rule joints. Our techniques article covers all aspects of what you need to know to install drop leaves successfully.

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