Maker Spotlight: Anne Briggs, Marc Spagnuolo and Peter Brown

Maker Spotlight: Anne Briggs, Marc Spagnuolo and Peter Brown


Anne Briggs is a woodworker, farmer, builder, blacksmith, musician and more. In short, she’s Anne of All Trades. Anne is not afraid to tackle a new skill, and she wants to share that enthusiasm for learning with her audience. Her YouTube channel initially featured woodworking and hand tool videos, but she is now also sharing projects around her small farm and even a few cooking recipes.

Instagram (@anneofalltrades) is where you’ll find the most recent updates and content from Anne. Her assortment of farm animals, including a couple of alpacas and miniature donkeys, routinely steal the show.

There are lots of sources of woodworking content on the web, but Marc Spagnuolo was one of the first to share woodworking lessons online. Marc is a talented woodworker who has spent the past 10-plus years developing a deep well of woodworking instructional content and project plans on The Wood Whisperer website.

He regularly posts free videos featuring small projects, tool updates and tips on his YouTube channel, but you can also find complete project build videos and plans from Marc and other woodworkers for a fee in the Guild section of his website. Get updates of Marc’s latest projects and what’s happening with his family on his Instagram.

If you like your woodworking (especially woodturning) often mixed with epoxy and an experimental twist, then you’ll like Peter Brown’s projects and videos. Peter often features unique designs and creative material choices. The fun is in watching him work through the challenges of each project. Some of the projects are practical, such as bowls or a hammock stand. And some are not practical at all, like an axe handle made from gummy bears and epoxy (he really made it).

He’s also turned projects on his lathe with everything from crayons to coffee beans. Peter regularly shares his content on his website,, and on his social media channels. The best place to find his videos is on his YouTube channel.

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