Maker Spotlight: Ashley Harwood, Chris Salomone and Zachary Herberholz

Maker Spotlight: Ashley Harwood, Chris Salomone and Zachary Herberholz

Ashley Harwood is an accomplished woodturner who teaches classes at her studio in Charleston, South Carolina, as well as at schools throughout the world. Ashley turns a wide variety of bowls and jewelry, but her best known work is her sea urchin ornament.

She’s even produced a full-length DVD for sale that features step-by-step instructions for how she makes this beautiful ornament and includes tool sharpening and spindle turning technique instructions. You can find a list of her upcoming classes on her website, and the best place to see what she’s working on now is her Instagram page, @ashleyharwoodturning.

Chris Salomone is a furniture designer and builder in Los Angeles, California, who posts project build videos and plans under the moniker of Four Eyes Furniture. Besides the quality of the designs and interesting woodworking video content, our favorite aspect of his videos is the narrative that he carries throughout each video.

The measured pacing and bits of humor he injects into each episode makes them interesting and unique from other woodworking videos you’ll find online. The best places to find Chris’ latest work are on his YouTube channel,, and on Instagram, @foureyesfurniture. He is also one of the hosts of The Modern Maker Podcast,

Zach Herberholz designs and builds projects from a variety of materials, but he favors various forms of metals as the main structural material and wood is often used as a secondary material. Zach’s videos feature a combination of commissioned pieces and personal projects. They often include demonstrations of several different metalworking and woodworking skills.

For example, his modern industrial stool features a welded steel base and a power-carved walnut seat and turned segmented decorative cone under the seat. The best place to check out Zachs’s latest work is on his YouTube channel,, and on his Instagram page @zhfabrications.

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