Maker Spotlight: Jen Woodhouse, Jimmy DiResta and Ben Uyeda

Maker Spotlight: Jen Woodhouse, Jimmy DiResta and Ben Uyeda

Online publishing has made it much easier for anyone to share their building tips and projects. But as the costs were removed, in some cases, so were the quality filters. To help save you the time of sorting through all the not-so-good sources, we’re shining a light on Internet woodworkers and makers we see doing interesting work of high quality. Here are our favorite online woodworkers and makers this month.

Jimmy DiResta has been making things for over 40 years. He’s a true jack-of-all-trades, with an infectious love of being creative, learning new skills and solving problems. His work ranges from traditional wood furniture to metal fabrication to working with acrylics. He’s even restored a few centuryold letterpress machines to create original prints.

Jimmy’s project videos are filled with pro tips he’s picked up over the years — you’re bound to learn something in every episode. He regularly shares complete project build videos, such as his oak farm table, on his YouTube channel, and you can keep up with his latest work on Instagram.

Jen Woodhouse is a performing songwriter who also has a great eye for design. She loves to build projects and share them on her website, The House of Wood (The DIY Life of a Military Wife). Most are furniture and decorative furnishings, but she also throws in a few workshop projects, such as this mobile worktable with storage shelves that doubles as an outfeed table.

Her projects are designed with the DIYer or beginning woodworker in mind, and she offers downloadable PDF plans for most of them. The projects are archived on her website; her Instagram and Facebook pages are the best places to keep up with her latest work.

Ben Uyeda is an architect turned content creator. HomeMade Modern, his design firm, primarily creates home furniture and furnishings that feature modern designs and are built with a variety of materials, including wood, metal, concrete, textiles and leather. Ben often presents his projects in easy-to-follow video presentations.

Sometimes the projects are practical, such as his kitchen island. And sometimes his projects are more experimental, testing different applications of common materials, such as a concrete light fixture. You can find them on the HomeMade Modern website and YouTube channel and on Ben’s Instagram account.


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