Maker Spotlight: Laura Kampf, Paul Jackman and Johnny Brooke

Maker Spotlight: Laura Kampf, Paul Jackman and Johnny Brooke

The first thing you’ll notice about Laura Kampf’s project build videos is her signature storytelling style. The combination of carefully composed shots and well-chosen music result in an engaging presentation. Based in Cologne, Germany, Laura presents a diverse variety of projects using a wide range of materials. One week she’s building a bed for her dog, Smudo; the next week she’s customizing a knife with a built-in chisel, and the next she’s building a tiny house trailer.

You might recognize her from our August 2017 issue, where we featured her Mini Portable Workbench project plan. The best place to find Laura’s latest work is through the link to her YouTube channel at

Combining equal parts woodworking, creativity, resourcefulness and humor, you can always count on a unique twist in Paul Jackman’s projects. Notable examples include a giant baseball chair, a shoe storage box with a hidden compartment and built-in wireless speakers, and a lamp inspired by the infamous leg lamp in the movie “A Christmas Story” — except on this lamp (pictured), the leg is a replica of Paul’s own leg.

Often working with reclaimed lumber, Paul sometimes combines multiple wood species in the same project. For example, he recently built a dresser that features a patchwork of several plywoods to make the panels and charred reclaimed oak for the frame. The patchwork panels are a design element, but they also serve the practical purpose of using small scraps to create a part that would typically call for a larger piece of lumber. You can check out Paul’s work at his website,, and on

Johnny Brooke is a woodworker who also mixes in an occasional metalworking project. Johnny has built some very useful workshop projects, including an outfeed table and French cleat storage wall. He also builds a lot of modern furniture and home furnishings. Recent projects include a large walnut credenza, baby crib and a headboard with an epoxy pour center section that lights up (pictured).

His build videos feature most of the construction steps with a voiceover narration that fills in additional details about the build. He provides material and tool lists for each project and also offers his SketchUp design files for many of the projects. You can check out Johnny’s latest work and plans at

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