Maker Spotlight: Rob Robillard, Carl Jacobson and Bob Clagett

Maker Spotlight: Rob Robillard, Carl Jacobson and Bob Clagett

Online publishing has made it much easier for anyone to share their building tips and projects. But as the costs were removed, in some cases, so were the quality filters. To help save you the time of sorting through all the not-so-good sources, we’re shining a light on Internet woodworkers and makers we see doing interesting work of high quality. Here are our favorite online woodworkers and makers this month.

Rob Robillard is a general contractor who publishes videos and articles about carpentry techniques, remodeling projects and tool reviews. He has extensive knowledge of tools and a lot of real-world experience that adds a lot of credibility to his reviews. In addition to tool reviews and techniques, Rob also features step-by-step instructions for some of his projects, such as the outdoor shower enclosure pictured.

You can check out one of his latest videos, about installing the new Rockler Pro Lift Router Lift in a table saw extension wing, right here. You’ll find his work on his website,, and on, a tool review site that features content provided by a group of regular contributors.

If you’re interested in woodturning, then Carl Jacobson should be on your list of resources. Carl shares an interesting mix of woodturning technique lessons, reviews of woodturning tools and a wide range of projects. He demonstrates everything from basic bowl turning to advanced turning techniques, such as the offset winged bowl pictured.


He also throws in the occasional furniture project and even has made a fun series of wood models of spaceships and other science fiction movie props. Carl does a good job of explaining the hows and whys of each technique. The best place to find Carl’s latest content is on his YouTube channel,

As his site name suggests, Bob Clagett likes to make stuff — all kinds of stuff. One week you’ll see him making a practical piece of furniture for his office or workshop, and the next week he’s making a costume prop, or wiring up the controller for a tabletop arcade game, or making an indoor climbing wall. He demonstrates the techniques he used to complete the project and shares what worked well and, in some cases, what didn’t work.


His relaxed presentation makes it easy for even beginners to follow along and understand the project process. You’ll find Bob’s latest project videos on his YouTube channel, which is followed by over 1.7 million subscribers, and you can find more project plans and instructions on his website,

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