Making Your Own Pore Filler?

Making Your Own Pore Filler?

I’ve been looking for pore filler, but all I can find is wood putty … including at Home Depot. Can I make some myself? If so, what do I use? I would like to try different colors as well for special effects.

Michael Dresdner: Yes, you can make it yourself, from putty, or you can buy it, if you know where to look.

Pore filler is modified, thinned putty, and the truth is, you could thin wood putty with its reducer and use it as pore filler. In fact, one company, Rockler, makes a putty called Wunderfil that has instructions on the container telling you how to thin it to make pore filler.

As you’ve noticed, home improvement stores, like Lowe’s and Home Depot, do not carry pore filler. However, virtually every woodworking specialty store, mail order catalog, and online store does. That includes Rockler, and Mohawk to name just two.

You can custom color any pore filler (or putty) using universal tinting colors (UTC’s), or choose artist’s colors in the correct medium for the putty or filler. Use artist’s acrylic colors for waterbased putty/filler, and oil colors for oil or solvent based putty/filler.

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