More Video: Yea or Nay?

More Video: Yea or Nay?

Last week we launched a new iteration of the Weekly that will include more video content in each issue. Rob asked for your feedback about the format change, and a number of you have responded in kind. – Editor

What a difference! Love the videos. I’m going right out and buying myself a lathe, now that I know what’s best for me. – Richard Adams

Reading is faster and less disruptive. It’s also easier to skim through. All in all, I’m not a fan of video only. – Tom Fink

The Weekly as a video is great. As a legally blind person, it saves me the frustration of turning on the zoom (300%) or using a narrator (mine doesn’t work with eZine text). Plus everything makes better sense with video. I just hope all these videos will be archived for the readers, as I really haven’t found a program to save videos to the computer. Thanks again. This is very much appreciated. – Carl Timko

Thanks for the great job you do on the magazine and the Weekly. The videos were good this week. To be honest though, I enjoy the previous format. I often read my emails on my smartphone and would read the Weekly info from you. The videos don’t work as well on my phone and are harder to see. Whereas before I could enjoy the Weekly content wherever I was when I received it, now I will need to take time to sit down at my computer in order to watch the videos. Since I don’t sit down at the computer that much, and when I do, it is to get specific tasks done, this new format is not going to be as convenient as it was previously. I know I may be in the minority in this regard, but since you asked for feedback, I thought I would reply. Thanks again for the great job you do. – Mike Grawvunder

Great idea. I’ll look forward to it each week. – Bruce Mitchell

I am going to have to vote against the new video format. Those of us who prefer to live in the middle of nowhere (the Texas Hill Country in my case) can only get high speed internet by satellite. That means we have limited data allowances on metered connections. It doesn’t take many videos to eat up my 10 GB per month. Since I supplement my Social Security and state pension by taking on-line surveys, I need to be especially careful about streaming or downloading video. – Jim White

A video about choosing woods for outdoor projects in last week’s issue prompted one reader to share a species that other readers might not have tried for interior projects. – Editor

I appreciate Chris Marshall’s informative video on wood species for outdoor applications. One wood that is common and inexpensive at mills here in western Virginia, but I have never seen recommended for outdoor use, is black locust. It is very hard and very heavy, but kiln-dried black locust furniture will still be used by my grandchildren. The biggest limitation I have found (other than that it dulls my tools pretty fast) is that it is rarely available in widths over 4 or 5 inches. – Andy Mahler

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