New Jersey, Heck Yeah!

Last Saturday I got to participate in the grand opening of Rockler’s new store in Moorestown, New Jersey. I demonstrated a few nifty woodworking tricks and techniques, which was fun — but the best part was hanging out with woodworkers and talking about the craft we love.

The attendees came in all shapes and sizes, colors and genders, expert to novice. Our chats covered everything from details about my demos to individual woodworking challenges to how woodworking has changed over the years. You name it, we talked about it.

I know that I was there to provide a spark to the grand opening, but in truth, I am sure I got more out of it than the attendees. Few things lift me up more than hanging out with woodworkers who are excited about the craft. So, thank you New Jersey, thanks to Mooresville and thanks to all who I met there.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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