New Video Series Tells Stories of Woodworkers and Their Tools

New Video Series Tells Stories of Woodworkers and Their Tools

Last summer, at the International Woodworking Fair, I was shown a couple of the videos that would make up a new video series produced by Tormek tools. Each video features a different artist, their work, their working environment and a few tips from the artists. I really enjoyed them. I was instantly struck by the the artist’s impressive work, the beauty of the settings and the quality of each video. We’re very pleased to share some of these videos with you.

As you might expect, the common thread that connects these artists is that they all use tools with blades that require frequent sharpening and all of them use Tormek sharpening system. To Tormek’s credit, the tools take a back seat to the artists work and I found useful tips in all of the videos.

Many of this first series of videos features Swedish speaking artists and subtitles, which I found a little tough to follow – not because I can’t follow subtitles, but because the settings and work are so interesting that I didn’t want to turn my attention to the text. I found myself watching some of the videos a second time to catch up with the subtitles.

Nick Agar – Woodturning Artist

This first video offers a glimpse into the world of woodturning artist, Nick Agar in his workshop in Devon in the United Kingdom. Nick turns beautiful pieces from a variety of unique wood species. Nick has earned a reputation for producing highly individual, beautifully crafted art combining woodturning with other artistic techniques. He has created commissioned pieces for many hit-profile clients, including the Royal Family. His work has been exhibited widely and he has appeared at international conferences both as a demonstrator and a judge. In addition to checking out his workshop and some of his projects, Nick also demonstrates how he sharpens a turning gouge and how he hones his carving gouge. He makes it easy to see how much easier and more effective your turning and carving work is accomplished when you use a sharp tool.

Story of the Dala Horse

If you’re Scandinavian or you’ve ever been in a Scandinavian gift shop, then you’ll recognize the Dala horse. In this episode, we learn the story of the original Dala horse from Dalarna, Sweden. Each horse is a true hand craft, carved and painted by hand since generations. You’ll be amazed by how fast these craftsman navigate a cut with a band saw! This episode also includes a demonstration of how they sharpen their carving knives – they sharpen 50-60 knives a day!

Tjåsa Gusfors – Ice Sculptor

This episode takes you to the ice and snow of northern Sweden, where you’ll meet ice sculptor, Tjåsa Gusfors. She is one of the sculptors who creates the incredible Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, northern Sweden. It’s an operating hotel that is redesigned each year and created from huge blocks of naturally frozen ice. Ice sculpting shares many techniques with wood carving, but it also adds some unique challenges. Tjåsa shares her process for creating these amazing sculptures and also some of her tips for sharpening tools.


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