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Rob Johnstone photoOne of my favorite holidays is soon to be here. I really like Halloween, because on a normal year, I get to see the costumed kids walking the neighborhood. That’s big fun, and I always buy more candy than we could possibly hand out. The extra somehow finds its way to my shop, so there’s no bigger win-win in my book. But this is not a regular year…I don’t know about you, but my candy consumption has been at a high level for the last eight months.

Shop made wooden blaster

The kids around here have been wearing masks and hanging out in the neighborhood all summer (same as me). Even so, my grandchildren are laser focused on the holiday —as the blaster project mentioned last week demonstrated.

Rob's granddaughter Maggie and her blasters

So have some fun with the scary holiday, however you can make it work. And then, onto holiday gifts (unless you have completed them already…yeah, right).

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Willie Sandry: An “All In” Woodworker

Willie Sandry chiseling an inlay in a woodworking project

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Adding silicone mat to a workbench

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