Off His (Wing) Nut

Off His (Wing) Nut

Last week, Rob came to the defense of the lowly wing nut, and so have several of you. – Editor

“One definition that I can attest to is the friendly description of an aircraft mechanic in the US Air Force. Most of the job titles on base had nicknames, and I as an aircraft mechanic was frequently called a ‘wing nut!'” – Chuck Jones Msgt USAF, retired

“There is also a national organization of fans and riders of the Honda Gold Wing motorcycle who call themselves ‘wing nuts.'” – Ralph Lombardo

“Having lived for many years in Colorado Springs adjacent to the United States Air Force Academy, ‘wing nut’ has a totally different meaning to me. ‘Wing nut’ (along with ‘zoomie’ and other less flattering names) is local slang for the USAFA cadets, since 95 percent+ of them intend to be pilots after graduation.” – David Hood

“That (editorial) was really great bit of writing! Really brightened my day. Keep up the good work.” – J. Eric Pennestri

“Being a long-time wing nut myself, I totally concur.” – Jeff Blavat

“When I started to read this, I had to laugh to myself. Why you ask? Because I’m retired Air Force (1966-86), and I can’t tell you the number of times I was referred to as a ‘wing nut.’ I guess it comes with the territory. BTW, love your comments in each and every issue. Now let me get back to my wood shop.” – Gary Mast

“What can I do to help in your quest?” – Doyle Moeller

“Rob, seriously, you need to take two aspirins and call again in the morning.  Geez, wing nuts — sounds like you’re nuts.” – R. L. Hoyle

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