Officially Fall

Today is the day that my favorite season of the year begins. Up here in the North Country there is something wonderful about the quality of the air and the temperature as fall advances. And there is a feeling of urgency to get out and enjoy the great outdoors as winter approaches.

It is also one of the best times for me to be doing woodworking. With the garage door wide open, fresh air coming in and no bugs to speak of — it is about perfection.

And it is also the time of year for me to begin practicing what Professor Harold Hill (from the musical “The Music Man”) described as the “think system” … but this time regarding holiday gift projects rather than learning an instrument. My imagination, unbounded by things like time constraints and budget limits or skill level, comes up with myriad gifts for my loved ones. This meditation adds a level of excitement to my already enjoyable shop time.

Like I said, a perfect time of year.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Wood Glue Basics and Application Tips

In this video, Ernie Conover discusses how to choose the right PVA wood glue for your projects and other important factors that impact its use. These include correct glue application, shop temperature, water resistance and glue open time. He also shares a neat trick for edge jointing that yields an absolutely flat panel.

Mini Tabletop Workbench

This strong and versatile Mini Tabletop Workbench provides a great mobile work surface that is sure to enhance your workshop experience.

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Many of you have probably seen them, or even have some in your shop — those helpful, grippy pucks known as Bench Cookie Plus Work Grippers. But did you know that there is a whole family of accessories that allow you to do even more with them? The video below scratches the surface of new dimensions these accessories can bring to your projects!

Bench cookie basics\

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