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Eight years ago, as I was selling my old house, at which there was also a 40′ x 40′ woodworking shop (heated and air-conditioned), I needed to get a storage unit to stash the stuff from my workshop that I had not found a home for. Not ideal, but I figured one year – tops – to sort it out.

Okay, so that was a foolish estimate. But last weekend, I finally got all the stuff out of my storage unit so I could stop paying the monthly rental fee. Curiously, nothing has changed over the last eight years regarding my attachment to all that woodworking gear I found so difficult to part with back then. The only real difference is that I now have a garage full of stuff I can’t say goodbye to.

Sadly, as the saying goes, winter is coming. And I need a place to park my truck once the snow starts to fly. Hard choices are in the offing. It’s a first-world dilemma, for sure.

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Walnut Wall Shelf

Wall shelf exploded view drawing
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Premium Project: Waterfall Veneer Desk

Waterfall desk with phone charger
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Turned candlestand project
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The hand plane is a truly iconic woodworking tool. Hand planes feature a blade that is mounted in a wood or metal body. The blade is extended through the bottom of the body and the hand plane is pushed or pulled across a wood surface to remove thin layers of wood, leaving a smoother or reshaped surface.

Introduction to hand planes

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