Planning vs. Production

In last issue’s eZine editorial, Rob called out some woodworkers who were still in the planning (aka, procrastinating) mode on holiday gift making. We heard from one woodworker who did raise his hand and admit to the problem – we’re giving the rest of you the benefit of the doubt, and assuming you were just too busy being elves in your workshops to write to us this time. – Editor

“Your editorial sure rang true with me, Rob. Thank you for the motivating words to get my attitude going. Planning or production: a big difference in activity, and you nailed it for me. Since late September, I have hardly turned a blnak other than to demo for our turning club’s November meeting. I’ll spare you the details, but finish this by reporting I added 40 board feet of shelving 18” below the ceiling of my shops in October while nursing torn muscle in my right hip.” – Sherman Anderson

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