Poetry in Mortises

Poetry in Mortises

Last week Rob waxed poetic about these glorious days of summer, and his thoughts resonated with several of you. – Editor

“Poetry — in woodwork and the written word…love it. Thank you!” – Drew Hession-Kunz

“Excellent poem, but gladly it no longer applies to me. I installed a mini split A/C in the garage last year and LOVE it! Warm-ish in the winter, Cold in the summer. Yes, that’s not a typo — I’m one of those that likes it on the chilly side, and it also keeps the wife out as a side benefit. Actually, we play in the garage together a lot. She’s into resin art making those chicanery, chickaree, chackootary, oh heck, you know, those severing tray thingies! As well as river tables and other such stuff. I really enjoy all your content Rob, so keep it up!” – Chuck

“An outstanding poetic ode to the art, craft, and seduction of woodworking. I smell a Nobel Prize in literature headed your way. Well, maybe just a lutefisk sandwich.” – Dave Sanek

“What a lovely, lovely poem. Thoroughly delightful sentiment. I really enjoyed it! Thank you so much, Rob.” – Pat Moran

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