Questions about Buying and Selling Wood

Questions about Buying and Selling Wood

We paired up a couple of questions since they represented the yin and yang of wood commerce.

Buying: I live in central Florida, where the local suppliers seem to think that no one has a need for anything other than pressure-treated pine. I don’t want to pay the big box price for an 8′ piece of oak. Where can I find a good source for hardwoods & particularly rough boards?

Selling: I recently came across a load of wood and would like to sell it. I am not a wholesaler, just a woodworker with more wood than room or time to use it all. Can you recommend an online site useful for posting details and pictures?

Michael Dresdner: The answer to both questions is This outstanding web site links wood sellers with wood buyers, allowing each to search or list by location, type of wood, and other parameters.

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