Quick Answers from the Editor

Quick Answers from the Editor

Q: I would like to know the angle to cut on my miter to assemble an octagon shadow box.

A: Twenty two and a half degrees. To get the angle, divide a circle (360 degrees) by the number of sides, and divide the answer in half. In this case, 360 divided by eight is 45 degrees. Half of that is 22.5 degrees.

Q: What woods will work for my outdoor crafts that would be able to take our weather here in New Orleans?

A: Mahogany, teak, redwood, cedar, and ipe are all good outdoor choices that will survive with no finish on them.

Q: I have a garage shop in Miami, Fl. where the humid/wet season is very long. Can a dehumidifier make a difference even if a I have the garage door open while I work?

A: Nope, not if the garage door is open. That would be like shoveling sand against the tide.

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