Removing Stubborn Arbor Nut

Removing Stubborn Arbor Nut

I have an arbor nut that is on so well that I cannot remove it. Do you have any tips on removing a stubborn arbor nut?

Richard Jones: I hate to ask this question as it may seem rude and it’s not meant to be, but are you trying to loosen the right way? Is it a left-hand thread and you’re mistakenly tightening? If not, see if you can find a snug-fitting socket and a Tommy bar and try that, but gently. If it’s really stuck, a bit of heat from either a blowtorch or oxy-acetylene welder might just do the trick.

Carol Reed: Make sure you are turning the right way. Use the longest wrenches you can find. If it has been on for years and there is the possibility of rust, use a penetrating oil. If you do that, thoroughly remove the penetrating oil when finished.

John Brock: Unplug the saw, use a block of wood as a stop to keep the blade from spinning, and if needed, use an extension cheater on the end of your well-fitting arbor nut wrench to remove the nut. I would be very hesitant to use a penetrating oil or heat to help loosen the nut.

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