Restoring Furniture Back to Its Original Form?

Restoring Furniture Back to Its Original Form?

People often want to restore old pieces of furniture back to their showroom glory, but how would I go about restoring a table, chair or dresser all the way back to the original tree again? I’d just love to see where my furniture really, truly came from when Mother Nature was still calling the shots. – Imatree H. Ugger

Job Robstone: Well Imatree, I’m afraid you’ll have to find a portal into the parallel universe to get an answer to your question. It’s kind of a Humpty Dumpty situation here: once the tree hits the ground and heads to the mill, it’s hard to put the bark, leaves and roots back on again. But, gotta say I like the romantic notion of it!

Mitt Outman: Yep, I agree with Job on this one. Pretty tough to do, but if I could, I’d sure like to start a forest of Honduras mahogany in my backyard. I’d clear the house of every piece of mahogany furniture I own to be able to do that!

Crass Mamshall: Wow, déjà vu moment here. I think I saw this very story line on an old “Dr. Who” episode. But sorry to say, a full furniture-to-tree restoration will take a Time Lord and BBC funding, I’m afraid. I don’t even think our restoration experts Michael Dresdner or Tim Inman could pull this one off. Sorry!

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