Rockler Table Saw Small Parts Sled

Rockler Table Saw Small Parts Sled

If you frequently crosscut short stock for pen blanks, dowels, small moldings and the like, this little sled from Rockler can help you zero in on clean, 90° cuts more safely. Its aluminum bottom rail rides in the miter slot of your table saw to ensure that the sled remains perpendicular to the blade throughout the cut with no side-to-side play. Just run it through your saw to locate a kerf slot in the sled’s melamine-coated MDF base. A rear-mounted, clear blade guard is adjustable to fit most table saws.

The sled features zero-clearance support, which reduces the chance of small pieces getting stuck between the blade and throat plate, or falling through entirely. A small plastic ramp on one side of the kerf carries the drop-off piece away from the blade. Sections of aluminum T-track on top of the sled’s fences make it easy to install a stop block (not included). A shorter T-track in the base provides an attachment point for a hold-down clamp (also not included).

This sled will fit table saws with standard 3/8- x 3/4-in. miter slots. Spacing between the miter slots and the blade must be at least 2-1/2 in. or more.

A locking metal stop with star knob comes with the sled and fits in a miter slot. It can be used to stop the sled when the blade passes through the rear fence.

Rockler’s Table Saw Small Parts Sled (item 55916, $69.99) is available now at Rockler stores, online or through the printed catalog.

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