Sam Maloof Poly/Oil Finish

Sam Maloof Poly/Oil Finish

The late master woodworker Sam Maloof preferred hand-applied, low luster finishes for his sinewy walnut rockers and other furniture. “One of the most important aspects of finishes, I believe, is that they invite me to touch, to caress and to take pleasure in the wood surface,” Maloof said.

More than 20 years ago Nordy Rockler partnered with Maloof to develop a signature wood finish that not only would meet Sam’s expectations but also provide an easy-to-apply solution for woodworkers of all skills levels. Rockler’s Sam Maloof Poly/Oil Finish is the result. It’s a custom blend of polyurethane varnish and other natural oils, including raw tung oil and linseed oil, that can simply be wiped onto bare wood and dries to a satiny “close to the wood” sheen.

Spreading an oil and wax finish on a knife block

This moderately thick liquid has an amber tone that deepens wood color and grain patterns while offering protection against spills and normal wear and tear. Use it on interior furniture, cabinetry, millwork and accent projects that won’t be exposed to heat or excessive moisture. When the wood looks dry, the finish can be reapplied as needed without sanding or stripping the project first.

Can of Sam Maloof's finishing mixture and a finished knife block

Sam Maloof Poly/Oil Finish is suitable for bare or stained wood of most species, provided the stain is fully cured. For optimal results, sand the wood up through the grits to 400 or even higher, then burnish the surfaces with 0000 steel wool. Apply the finish liberally and wipe off the excess completely to prevent excess finish from becoming tacky. After the finish dries for 24 hours, subsequent coats can be applied. Allow each coat to dry for 24 hours. Four coats are recommended.

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