Securing a Loose Jointer Table

I have a new jointer that I am in the process of tuning. The problem I have is that the infeed and outfeed tables are not aligned in that they are high at the ends. The manual is totally useless. Experimenting with the gib screws shows that loosening will lower the ends of the tables. The problem is that when I tighten the table lock screw, it raises the end again. I don’t feel comfortable operating the jointer with the tables loose. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Simon Watts: I see no need to adjust both tables – all you care about is the alignment. So leave the infeed table alone; then when you lock it, it won’t move. Adjust the outfeed table, using an engineers straight edge, and pack the ways, if necessary, with brass shim stock. If you don’t have any, aluminum foil works almost as well. Be sure the outfeed table is exactly at the height of the cutting circle of the knives.

Rob Johnstone: The tables of the jointer should be exactly aligned to each other in their horizontal relationship. The gib is the joint between the tables and the jointer body and controls the relationship of the tables to one another. It is not uncommon to put a shim in the gib to adjust this relationship. Put the shim between the jointer body and the outfeed table and once you have that baby correct … tighten it up and leave it alone. This is a tricky bit of work and you don’t want to have to do it any more than is absolutely required.

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