Separating Two Stuck Pieces of Wood

Separating Two Stuck Pieces of Wood

I put two-sided tape between two pieces of wood to cut them out together. Now I can’t get them apart. Any suggestions?

Andy Rae: Squirt some mineral spirits into the joint as best you can, let it sit a minute or two to soften the tape’s adhesive, then start prying with the dulled edge of a 3-inch putty knife. It may take a bit of prying and then re-wetting with mineral spirits. Next time, use regular white or yellow woodworking glue and a piece of paper between the joint, wetting both sides of the joint and then clamping the wood and paper until the glue has dried. When you’re done, knock the joint apart with a smart rap from a hammer.

Kevin Hancock: Working mineral spirits into the gap should soften the glue.

John Brock: Start with a thin knife or wide scraper blade, a little pressure, and a little patience. Just put a little tension on the tape without denting the wood. Take your time. A little twisting pressure can help, too. Just don’t force it too fast.

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