Service Thanks

Service Thanks

Rob’s Memorial Day thoughts last week prompted several readers to reply in kind. – Editor

“Thank you for your service to our fine country! Keep up the good writing in Woodworker’s Journal. P.S.: Go Navy! Beat Army!” – Tim Lange USN, IC2

“You mentioned you were a Navy corpsman. Sounds like we served at about the same time. I was stationed at Naval Hospital, Great Lakes, from 1970-75 and worked on Ward 10 North, which was the URI/Infectious Disease ward. I too took care of many WWII, Korea and Vietnam vets. I stayed in the service for 33 years and made HMC, then was busted to ENS, Medical Service Corps. Eventually I retired as a CDR. Keep up the good work, Doc Johnstone. I enjoy your articles.” – Red Mulvanny

“As a former submarine sailor, I thank you for your Memorial Day article and your service.” – James Pugh

“I got married in 1961 and stood for the draft for Vietnam. About a month later I received word that I was no longer available for draft. For years I felt left out, so I have always held a place in my heart for those boys. I felt they were wrongly judged when they all returned. Thanks for your thoughts.” – Lescott

“Thank you for your service. We veterans who served during conflicts will never erase those memories. Have wonderful holiday.” – Dennis P. Sheehan

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