Where to Sharpen Carbide Blades

Where to Sharpen Carbide Blades

I love my carbide saw blades. I am unable to find a place to get them sharpened. Do you have any advice on who sharpens them?

Simon Watts: You’ll have to consult the yellow pages in your area under ‘machine shops’. Otherwise try the Web and see if anyone is offering a mail order service.

Michael Dresdner: If you want them done locally, find a woodworking, cabinet making, or millwork company in your local yellow pages. Ask where they get theirs done. Where there is woodwork, there are sharpeners. Alternatively, you can send them to Forrest*, who sharpen other makers’ blades as well as their own. It takes a few days each way in shipping, but the sharpening job is top-notch.

Rob Johnstone: Depending on where you live, you will have options that vary. If you live in a very rural area, you may need to send your bits, blades and cutters out by mail to be sharpened. If you live in a more urban area, your options will increase. If you can’t find a service in a phone directory, call a local cabinet shop. They will know where to find a good quality sharpener.

Ellis Walentine: I agree with Rob’s advice to call a local cabinet shop and find out who sharpens their blades. And, yes, Forrest is very well regarded for this kind of mail order service.

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