Sharpening a Carbide Tip

Sharpening a Carbide Tip

How do you sharpen a carbide tip?

John Brock: Some people say you can’t sharpen carbide. Buffalo bagels. From time to time I “dress up” carbide cutters (mostly router bits) with a small diamond abrasive hone on a plastic stick. Normal sharpening stones are too soft to effectively sharpen carbide.

Richard Jones: Mostly, when it comes sharpening time, the item is sent out to a saw doctor; we’re talking primarily of router bits and circular saw blades. However, small touchups to things like router bits are sometimes done with a diamond stone on the leading face.

Mark Hensley: I use a diamond sharpening paddle on the inside flat.

Carol Reed: Assuming it is a router bit, I strongly suggest replacing the bit. If you just need to touch it up, you will need a diamond hone. Be advised that sharpening a router bit will change the radii of the profile. If the bit is used for joinery, that is a big problem. If it is used for decorative work, no problem. One last thought: dull or poorly sharpened bits demand more sanding, one more reason I opt for replacing the bit.

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