Sharpening a Curved Draw Knife?

Can you tell me the best way to sharpen a curved draw knife?

Carol Reed : You will need to do this one by hand. I’d use a sandpaper sharpening system. To remove the wire edge, make a curved block and cover it with sandpaper.

Richard Jones: I usually use a slip stone worked freehand. I also usually work a small back bevel on the flat side. If the tool is badly nicked and in need of major reworking, use a bench grinder to freehand a primary bevel, followed by using a slip stone of some sort to hone the edge. Sometimes, a number two mill file can be used between the grinder and the slip stone. Slip stones can be carborundum, Japanese, diamond or ceramic. Even a bit of sandpaper wrapped around a suitable wooden block will do it, but the sandpaper will probably need to be replaced quite often.

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