Shelf Pin Jig?

Shelf Pin Jig?

Is there a cheap way to build a jig that accurately places shelf pin holes?

John Brock: A jig is only as accurate as the design, construction and careful use allow. You notice that all of those qualifications point back to you. Having said that, your jig needs to evenly position the holes about the centerline of the board. It should provide for drilling five or more pairs of holes. It should have a pair of alignment pins so the drilling guide can be leapfrogged down the board. It could be designed to work with a plunge router, drill press or hand drill. You can also go to a shop that has a CNC machine and have them make one for you.

Carol Reed: Yes. I use a piece of acrylic that I drilled out on a multiple drilling head machine. Then I use a brad point bit in a Vix bit. You could get your jig drilled by a cabinet shop that has a multiple drilling head machine, or you could carefully space and drill each hole for yourself.

Note: If you still have the April 2003 issue of the print Woodworker’s Journal, you’ll find a plan in it for a shelf pin jig. – Editor

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