SKILSAW® 10-in. Worm Drive Table Saw

SKILSAW® 10-in. Worm Drive Table Saw

Building on its heritage as the innovator of worm drive technology for circular saws, SKILSAW is incorporating this same motor drive system in its all-new SPT70WT-22 portable 10-in. Worm Drive Table Saw. It’s the first portable table saw with this drive system in the industry.

Worm drive gearing enables the saw to develop maximum torque and power, SKILSAW says. Plus, the direct-drive saw has a 15-amp Dual Field™ motor that increases cutting speed while enabling the motor to run cooler. That should help extend its overall life. The SPT70WT-22 accepts 10-in. saw blades, which allow it to cut materials up to 3-1/2-in. thick at 90 degrees, or 2-1/4-in.-thick lumber when tilted to 45 degrees.


Adding to the saw’s durability while still keeping it lightweight, the Worm Drive Table Saw has an all-metal roll cage and cast-aluminum table top. The machine weighs just 47.9 lbs. But despite the saw’s compact proportions, its self-aligning rip fence provides 25-in. of ripping capacity, so 4 x 8 sheet goods can be ripped down the middle, lengthwise.

For other standard features, it comes with a Smart Guard system that provides a physical barrier between the user and the blade, plus an anti-kickback device and integrated riving knife. A 30-tooth, 10-in. carbide Freud Diablo® blade is also included, along with a miter gauge, blade insert plate and one blade-changing wrench. The saw’s dust port allows it to be connected to a shop vacuum for cleaner sawing.


“We’ve worked closely with carpenters, framers, general contractors and custom builders to ensure the Worm Drive Table Saw is engineered to help them work more efficiently,” says Nancy Struijk, group product manager. “With a cut capacity large enough to rip full sheets of plywood and the performance benefits of worm drive gearing, this saw will tackle wood cutting jobs with ease.”

The SPT70WT-22 will be available in late March at home improvement stores nationwide. It will have a suggested retail price of $379, and SKILSAW warrants it with a 180-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. To see a video of it in action, click here.

SKILSAW will also offer a scissors-style folding steel stand (model SPTA70WT-ST) for the saw. It will sell for $69 and be available when the saw reaches stores.


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