SKILSaw Celebrates 75th Anniversary

For many woodworkers, the entire purpose of a garage is to house their tools. Any vehicles are an incidental. For some, however, the bikes are just as important as the woodworking — and we’re not talking about the kind they ride on the Tour de France.

We’re talking the kind of bike you’d find in Sturgis — or on the show American Chopper. Recently, the stars of that show (Paul Teutul Jr., Rachael Teutul, Vinnie DiMartino and Joe Puliafico) teamed up with SKIL — yes, the name you recognize from woodworking tools — to create a custom show chopper to honor the 75th anniversary of the Worm Drive SkilSAW®. While the traditional celebration of a 75th anniversary involves diamonds, the partnership between SKIL and American Chopper instead created a motorcycle that incorporated parts of a Model 77 SKILSAW, including a housing from that circular saw model used for the air cleaner and headlight and a built-in solid bronze worm gear.

Unveiled at the National Hardware Show in May and aired on two May episodes of the American Chopper reality TV series, the custom chopper, along with a second bike built for daily riding, is currently touring the Western U.S. The daily riding bike will be auctioned of on eBay this fall, with proceeds going to support veterans’ housing through The Home Depot Foundation.

Of course, SKIL still wants their tools in your garage, too. The Worm Drive SKILSAW may have been around since 1937, but for the 75th anniversary, they’ve built a commemorative edition of the Worm
Drive 77 SKILSAW that sports a 75th anniversary nameplate, a custom black fleck paint finish and a chrome aluminum footplate. It’s being sold for $189 as the MAG77-75 Worm Drive SKILSAW.

You can find more information about the SKIL 75th anniversary celebration, including tour dates and locations for the choppers, when you click here.


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