So Many Reasons for Thanks

FALL2009RESIZEDIt’s pre-dawn on Thanksgiving morning as I write this. The sun is just starting to color the eastern sky, and the house is still quiet. I’ve downed my first cup of coffee, and the cranial hard drive is coming up to speed. All in all, a very good time to reflect on things.

While I’m generally not one to wax poetic, I also don’t spend enough time thinking about the many good fortunes I have and actually verbalizing them. The simplest things are the easiest to overlook, especially in the frenetic pace we tend to live our lives.

So, here goes…a few personal reasons for thanks:

• I’m incredibly fortunate to be a woodworker who makes his living writing about this great craft. I can’t underscore that enough.

• I’m thankful to still have all ten fingers and the ability to use them, despite a few close calls along the way…

• I’m lucky to have boards on the rack and projects in the works.

• And, by extension, I’m lucky to have people in my life who are happy to receive what I make.

• I’m thankful for an industry that builds quality tools and supplies that make our shop time better. Take it from me, there are some good folks behind the scenes here.

• I’m lucky to have a warm place to work wood. I sure don’t miss seeing my breath or feeling my fingers go numb while building projects—and those days aren’t all that far back.

• I’m grateful for the gift of eyesight, and I hope it lasts for many more years. It’s a blessing to see what we build.

• Finally, I’d like to thank good folks like you who continue to read our magazine and contribute to it. Without you, I couldn’t do what I do.

It does the soul good to take stock of things, now and again. Here’s to hoping you have as many reasons to be thankful this holiday weekend as I do, and more.

Catch you in the shop,

Chris Marshall, Field Editor

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