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Rob Johnstone photoEvery once in a while, I get surprised by the creativity of the companies that develop products for all of us woodworkers. Even though the basics of woodworking have not changed over the years, the widgets that clever folks are inventing to make the process easier are steadily improving.

So in this time of year where many of us are huddled in our homes and shops, we here at the Weekly will be sharing some of the newest innovations coming down the path. Rockler and Kreg, in particular, have some great products launching. There are others as well.

So keep your eyes on these pages to get the straight scoop on some new things you just might have to consider for your shop.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Pyrography: A Brand New Way to Draw

Light switch covers with pyrography drawing

Artist Bee Lock literally turns up the heat to create beautiful wood-burned designs.

Simple Flush-trimming Router Jig

Edge trimming plywood with a homemade jig

This reader has found an easy way to keep his router balanced and straight while cutting edging using a bit of scrap fence post.

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When constructing furniture using the cross lap joinery method, there’s an easy way to make the numerous cuts involved. The Rockler Cross Lap Jig provides a precise indexing guide to make accurate, repeatable cuts on your table saw in a fraction of the time. This process creates uniform, tight-fitting cross lap joints for your furniture pieces.

Setting up and using the crosslap jig

Save 10% on the Rockler Cross Lap Jig

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