Spray Lacquer or Brushing Lacquer

Spray Lacquer or Brushing Lacquer

What is the difference between spray lacquer and brushing lacquer?

Greg Williams: Spray lacquer is designed to dry very quickly, and will dry too quickly for easy brushing. Brushing lacquer stays wet longer, facilitating leveling of the ridges left by the brush. Brushing lacquer can be sprayed, but because it stays wet too long, is prone to runs and sagging.

Kevin Hancock: Drying time is the big difference between spraying and brushing lacquer. Brushing lacquer has slower evaporating solvents added to help with flow-out of the material off the brush.

Richard Jones: Spray lacquer has a faster evaporating solvent. The sprayed lacquer will be imprint-safe much faster than brushing lacquer.

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