Stuck Chuck on Lathe

I bought a Supernova chuck for my small woodturning lathe about two years ago. I recently purchased a full-sized lathe, but am unable to remove the chuck from the original lathe.

Mike Van Pelt: Oh boy, does this bring back memories. When I was the manager at an Indianapolis woodworker’s store, a student turned on a lathe, and the chuck had not been tightened all the way. The chuck spun its way on& hard! We bent the wrenches trying to remove the chuck. We finally offered a customer a “great” deal and sold the lathe and chuck as one. The customer took the lathe to a repair shop and, with a torch, they heated up the chuck threads and then were able to remove the chuck. Be sure to check the correct rotation on the lathe. You might also try a large pipe as a cheater bar, but heating it will help considerably. Good luck!

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