Suggestions for Cleaning Residue from Bits

Suggestions for Cleaning Residue from Bits

Do you know of any commonly available solvents that will dissolve or soften the hardened residues on router bits? I know cleaners are available there [in the U.S.], but not here in Israel.

Kevin Hancock: Naphtha will clean off most residue on router bits. It is the main ingredient in lighter fluid.

John Brock: I’ve had good luck with Simple Green® for removing residue on router bits and saw blades. It may only be available in the U.S. and Canada.

Carol Reed: Here in the States, some household cleaning products are reported to be satisfactory, such as Simple Green. I use CMT Bit and Blade Cleaner which works extremely well. CMT is an Italian company. Surely you can get some via mail order.

Michael Dresdner: Lacquer thinner, acetone, and methyl ethyl ketone, all of which are commonly available solvents, will also work, as will most nonaqueous paint removers and refinishers.

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