Taking Skids to a Whole New Level

I know, Teri, this is skid abuse... I should have my shop keys taken away from me for a week!

Last fall, I wrote a post to pick your brains about what you do, if anything, with skid lumber. You followed through with some really good ideas and funny commentary! Since then, we continue to get new followers that happen across that post and add their own comments. Much appreciated!

Well, just the other day Teri Kent posted what has to be the longest project list for skid lumber I’ve ever seen! It deserves downright accolades in my book, and when you read it, I think you’ll agree. Teri is the Zen Master of Clever Skiddery.

Here it is:

My workplace builds large crates to ship commercial a/c equipment and we receive parts in on all sizes of skids and in wooden crates, sometimes up to 6 feet square. I have built a full set of patio furniture and planters; sign for ranch gate; ‘street signs’ for all the trails on our property; shutters for my windows; lamps; picture frames; faux iron straps for ceiling beams with a hand hammered look; Christmas presents like wish or prayer boxes, shadow boxes, music boxes, cheese boards, wall or desk calendars with changeable dates squares, flower drying press, photo album, gun cleaning kit box with rope handles, casserole dish holder so you don’t have to wait till it’s cold before you load up the car to Granny’s house, recipe boxes, remote control storage boats, magazine racks for floor or walls, shelves for pegboard rack, cut out kids initials or names and paint or stain them, Christmas ornaments or tags for gifts, wooden animal puzzles for toddlers, paper sorter shelves for office area, wooden checkerboard with checkers, game table with storage area hidden under top which houses games such as checkers, chinese checkersbackgammon – all of which can be made from wood; horse stalls, horse hay feeders, small cross fencing for landscaped areas, duck house, dog and cat houses, litter box tray, dog and cat food bins, onion and potato bins, bread bin, cutlery dividers, key rack with hooks, child’s growth chart with applied cut out animals (really cute!), gun cabinet, guitar display shelves with Christmas lights hidden in surround to light up box – cool!, blanket chest for foot of bed, garbage can holders, wheel barrow, hanging tool storage for garden implements and auto shop tools, auto shop work benches with drawers and dividers for fasteners, converted my guest room into a full custom closet with expensive looking slat shelves, and am now starting a suspended bridge over my pond to where I hope to build a woodworking shop so that my porch will get a reprieve from piles of sawdust everytime a whim comes over me.  There are millions of things to make and I know I’m forgetting some I’ve done! I would love new ideas though!

Incredible. At least 49 different types of projects, by my count.

Teri, I especially appreciate how you end your list, hoping we’ll all suggest some new ideas. You just might have thought of them ALL.

Way to be resourceful—or I guess in today’s trendy vernacular, “green!”

Catch you in the shop,

Chris Marshall, Field Editor

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