Texas, Here I Come

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Next Saturday, March 4th, I’ll be in Frisco, TX, doing woodworking demonstrations at the local Rockler Woodworking and Hardware store. I love doing this sort of thing. First, I get to hang out with woodworkers all day long. To say that you all are my peeps is an understatement. You get my sense of humor; you laugh even when the joke is pretty lame — it’s a great time.

I also get to learn what’s on woodworkers’ minds. During the day, I get to answer questions about this or that, but sometimes a pattern develops, and I can find a topic that we can teach in the magazine that will help a bunch of people.

I can’t wait!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Simplifying Drawer Lock Bit Setup

Chris Marshall demonstrates the best way to set up a router for cutting simple and effective drawer joints using Rockler’s Drawer Lock bits and a setup block. Plus he has some helpful tips for routing joinery in general.

Rick Weil: Five Stages of a Woodturner

Rick Weil with a turning project mounted on his lathe
Woodturning teacher and Fairfax, Virginia, Rockler store associate Rick Weil shares his turning journey.

Premium Project: Sit/Stand Desk

Upper shelf of standing desk project in use
This wall-mounted desk is height-adjustable for standing while working, or take a seat in front of its hinged, drop-down lower desk surface.

Premium Project: Building a Lighted Bookshelf

Floating shelf with mounted light
This shelf appears suspended in air, while dovetail slider bookends provide both practical and stylish support.

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