Thoughts on Outhouse Build

In the last issue of the eZine, Rob mentioned that his latest woodworking project was something very utilitarian.

We received more than one recommendation for this helpful resource. – Editor

“You might find it useful, or at least amusing, to get hold of a copy of The Specialist by Chic Sale, before you launch your thunderbox rebuild. My father was something of a mountain man, and brought home some amazing stuff out of backcountry huts, besides deer skins etc. As you can imagine, a humorous book about dunny building had enormous appeal to a six-year-old, just learning to read! The memory has stuck ever since, just waiting to be passed on. The original has been lost in 60 years of nomadism, but the book is still in print, and I have ordered a copy for my grandchildren.” – Graeme Coles

And some suggestions for “updates.” – Editor

“I certainly hope that you are building a 21st century outhouse with heating, air conditioning, electricity, running water, a bidet, marble floors, a spa shower, steam room and sauna. No doubt a huge project in a short amount of time. We just hope you make sure to pull the proper permits, file the necessary environmental impact reports and get your final inspection in time to get an occupancy permit. And be glad that you aren’t in sunny California where you would need what we call a Title 24 permit to make sure you are energy efficient. Speaking of energy, you should really consider using storage type solar electric and hot water systems to protect the environment. Happy framing and finishing!” – Jim Hilson

It sounds like Rob is not the only woodworker who may find himself building a biffy. – Editor

“I’m guessing many of your readers would be interested in seeing pictures of your outhouse!” – Scott Chapman

“Interesting project. I’ve wanted (meaning I’ve located drawings) for one based on Dr. Who’s TARDIS, but stymied by choice of material.  Needs to be painted (blue), so that should help with weathering.  Any suggestions? What are you using?” – Brian Edey

A final thought on the subject. – Editor

“I received the attached as a postcard probably 60 years ago.  Thought you might appreciate it.” – Harry Sorenson

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