Time Keeps on Moving

Time is a bit of a funny concept. It’s tomorrow in New Zealand and tonight in Europe and it never seems to be lunchtime where I live. Despite Einstein claiming that time is relative, it seems pretty darn specific to me.

For that reason, some of my favorite gifts to make are wall clocks. In my opinion, a personalized handmade clock is much more desirable than one you pick up at Target on sale. And with the inexpensive and dependable quartz movements available, imagination is your only limiting factor when it comes to your clock designs.

Below you’ll find a clock that I made on a small CNC router. It’s oval-shaped with a bunch more ovals routed into its face and filled with epoxy. Take a look at the video; I think you’ll find it interesting.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Making a Modern Clock Using CNC

Are you considering getting started in the world of CNC projects? In this demo, we’ll show you how the Shark SD100 CNC machine from Next Wave Automation works. And we’ll make a nifty Mid Century Modern clock in the mix.

Download the CNC Files for This Project.

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Looking for a way to make tricky taper cuts easy? What if you could take care of both tapers and straight edge cuts simply by adjusting a knob or two? You can! Watch the video to see how you can get it done with one jig on your table saw.

Making Straight Edge and Taper Cuts on a Table Saw

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