Tips on Moving “A Lot of Stuff” from a Shop

In the last eZine, Rob mentioned the likely impending sale of his house – and move of his shop. And all the stuff in it. He got both sympathy and empathy from eZine readers.

Some noted that they, too, have “a lot of stuff” in their shops. – Editor

“Wait until you get into the nuts and bolts (literally) of your shop. It’s amazing how this crud piles up.” –  Rich Fazio

“One day my wife strolled into my workshop, walked around slowly, looking at the myriad benches and shelves full of tools accumulated over the years, and wryly asked, ‘Do you think you have enough tools?’ My reply: ‘Why, is someone having a sale I should know about?’ She doesn’t ask that question anymore.” – Charles McCullough

“I feel your pain. I recently moved from Oregon to Arizona and I couldn’t believe how much stuff I had in my garage (shop). I recently read a funny but somewhat relatable quote, ‘My wife said to get rid of everything I hadn’t touched in a year. It took nearly six hours, but I touched everything in my shop…whew, that was close!’ Good luck with the move!” – David Friederick

And some had advice for moving. – Editor

“Good luck with your move! Just did that myself, and my back/knees took a beating. (Move completed at the beginning of last June; back/knee recovery still in progress.] If you’re a DIY mover, consider buying something like the Milwaukee 1,000 lb. Capacity 4-in-1 Hand Truck. I spent about $150 for it, and I couldn’t have gotten my band saw and table saw center up the U-Haul ramp without it. Really good for other stuff, too.” – Mike Weise

“I have been told that three moves are about the same as a fire. The first 11 years that Connie and I were married, we moved seven times. Of those moves, five moves involved distances more than just across town. Three were literally cross-country. I am reminded of a bumper sticker, ‘Yes, that is my truck. No, I will not help you move.’ I would suggest PODS for moving the shop. You can convince your friends to help with, ‘We’re only moving the lathe from the shop into the PODS container.’

“You’ll probably need a bunch of 2×4 to build a pseudo supporting gantry for the cast-iron stuff. You don’t want the shocks of transport to damage the cast-iron. And it will probably be better for the shop cast-iron to rest on 2×4 cutoffs for a softer ride. Also, a 2×4 can make one heck of a good lever.

“I bought a better hand truck (dolly) for my son when he moved about 10 years ago. It has turned out to be the most used non tool between the two of us, friends and neighbors. It’s probably $150 now, but well worth the money! Good luck with the move and new shop.” –  Rich Flynn

This reader has a forthcoming move, plus concerns about storing his tools. – Editor

“I am approaching 84 and, like you, have a lot of stuff, and I am glad. Just let me mention that my balance has gone south and walking is difficult as my back is in bad shape from overuse and arthritis.  I am feeling great and enjoying my shop and ‘stuff’ and hope to have a few more good years. I just want to remind you of one thing: You move heavy stuff with your head, not your back.” – Farrell Eaves

Farrell, you might find the tip handy that you’ll find at this link. – Editor

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