Veneering a Door with Oak?

Veneering a Door with Oak?

This woodworker wants to put an oak veneer over his solid maple front door for some very good reasons. What would be the best way to do this considering temperature variations, movement, etc.?

Michael Dresdner: The best way would be to make a new door out of something more stable than maple (mahogany, teak, and VG red cedar would be my first choices). Adding veneers to old solid maple doors is asking for trouble.

If you must do it, veneer both sides of the door the same way, and use a crossband under the oak veneer. A crossband is another veneer that goes in the opposite direction from the top veneer and the core. Typically, poplar, lauan, or corupixu is used for the crossband. Use rigid exterior construction adhesives (urea formaldehyde type) for all the veneers, not contact cement or interior wood glues.

But, as I said before, I’d make a new door.

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