We Wish You a Happy New Year

Rob-PortraitThis time of year is notoriously busy — for reasons that can be both sound and silly. The hubbub that surrounds our work and family life can sometimes become overwhelming, and it is easy to let an important obligation slide by.  But I would be remiss if I failed to take just a few moments to offer thanks to you, our readers, for your support over the past year.  Consider this salutation of goodwill as coming not just from me, but indeed the entire Woodworker’s Journal staff.  It is not lost on us that your support is the reason why we are among the most fortunate of folks — not only do we have a job (no small thing in this economy), but we have some of the best jobs around — putting out a woodworking magazine, eZine and website.  Speaking personally, there is nothing I can think of that would be more satisfying than what I do every day.  And the attention of those I call the Journal’s faithful is the key to all that.

So please accept our thanks for your historic support and our best wishes for the year to come. I am not one of those folks who think that the good old days exist only in the past — I am a certified optimist about the future. My hope is that 2010 will be the most providential of years, and that when I look back from this vantage point next year, I will be even more thankful for you and the opportunities that you have afforded me and my staff.  Have a safe, happy and productive new year!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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