Wedded Bliss How-To (Part 2): What to Say

Wedded Bliss How-To (Part 2): What to Say

With Rob’s request a couple of editorials ago for marriage advice in the face of his upcoming nuptials, we received a lot of comments from woodworkers with long marriages – and some suggestions, many of which seemed to incorporate the same two words. – Editor

“As someone who has been married for over 52 years, I learned that there are only two words you need to remember: Yes, Dear.” – Don Reid

“Remember two (2) dates. HER Birthday and your anniversary. From there, remember you can only say the following three (3) things without getting in trouble:
1. Yes Dear (Then look at your feet)
2. I’m Sorry (While shuffling your feet)
3. It will never happen again. (You both know it probably will)
Married 36 years later this month, been together for over 40, and this has always worked for me.” – Dan Gapa

“Being married for 43 years I can only give you the same advice my grandmother gave me, and that is you only need to say two words to your future bride that will ensure a happy future. Those two words, my friend, are ‘Yes Dear.’ All the best to the two of you, here is hoping a long and happy marriage to the both of you.” – Raymond Day

“I’ve been married only 40 years, so I don’t know if I qualify just yet. However, I tell my three sons:
1) It’s always your fault.
2) If it’s not your fault, it’s your fault that it’s not your
3) You will always get the last two words in every argument:
‘Yes, dear.’
4) Just smile. You will be going to bed with her this evening.
Other than that, my friend, you are on your own.” – Jim Champaigne

Or maybe four words…. – Editor

“Always remember the following phrase, maybe have it tattooed somewhere: ‘Yes dear, you’re right.’ Good luck and best wishes.” – Jim Barham

This woodworker presented a visual aid for understanding this concept. – Editor

“I have been married to my precious wife Margie for 33 years. A few weeks after the ceremony, she presented me with the signboard that I am wearing in the enclosed picture.  She told me the purpose of the sign was to remind me that the key to our happy marriage is the three magic words, ‘Yes’m Miss Margie.’ I complied and have been happily married ever since. I suggest you replace Margie’s name with the name of your new bride. If so, I am sure you will live happily ever after. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding.” – Jim McCord

Wood Filler Advice

Speaking of woodworking, we also heard additional advice to last week’s questioner, who wanted to know “How Do I Stain Wood Filler to Match Surrounding Wood?” – Editor

“Better advice for the person wondering how to color his wood filler would have been to stop using the commercial product. I save some of the sawdust from a light colored wood and a dark wood, and later use these to pigment clear epoxy cement to match the color of the wood being repaired. Enough sawdust should be added to give the mixture the consistency of putty. The resulting wood filler adheres better than the solvent based type, cures out tougher, and does not shrink when drying.” – Moh Clark

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