Issue 115

Issue 115

Extra-Extra, Read all About It! Groundbreaking News from Milwaukee

Rob-Portrait351Sometimes there is almost more going on than I can handle and today is one of those days. This eZine marks our very first “Sponsored” issue, brought to you by our old friends at Franklin International. We couldn’t be happier to have them as our first sponsor partner. Their story is told in our Tool Maker Insider department. And be sure to click on their advertisements found on this page.

But in addition to that, Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation has given the eZine a remarkable scoop. Their new lithium ion battery technology will not only revolutionize cordless woodworking tools, but will likely affect a much wider world than our own. But you will read about it here first. (Oh boy, do we love scoops!) Check out the Tool Preview for the groundbreaking story.

Hold on, I’m not done! This is the long awaited eZine where we let you know who the winner of our WJ eZine poetry contest is. (Maybe you should sit down; the excitement may overwhelm you.) Go to our Readers Response page for more verse related content.

So go ahead, read and enjoy. So much fun in one electronic magazine!


– Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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Q & A

  • Tightening the nut on a router collet

    Router Collet Removal

    Recently, I have had increasing difficulty in removing the collet from my router. The bit now requires a swift whack with a piece of wood to dislodge it. I have tried cleaning where the collet seats in the router, but with no real improvement.

  • Shop Layout Ideas

    I want to set up a shop in a 48 by 24 barn loft, but I am so accustomed to reading prints, I seem to have no imagination. Could you please direct me to a good shop layout plan which I can study?

  • Altering Plans

    If I use plans from a book or other source, and the book states that these are not to be made for profit, and I alter the plans, does this still apply?

  • Pine Bleeding

    I’ve had some difficulty with bleeding on pine. I’ve tried varnish-based primers, but none seem to do the trick. Is there a product or technique that you could recommend?

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