Issue 141

Issue 141

Homebound Fever

Winter in Minnesota is a burden that homegrown folks like me bear with dignity and famed Nordic stoicism. (This may be a bit overstated as the freezing temperatures actually prevent a wide range of facial expression … cracking a smile is not an expression taken lightly “Up-Nort’.”)
The way that many of us deal with the long, dreary winter months (although I am honor-bound to admit that this winter has been exceptionally mild so far) is by dreaming of those fleeting summer months and their attendant activities.

A couple of years ago, the Woodworker’s Journal print magazine ran an article about turning your own fishing lures. To fight the winter blues, and with that article as my inspiration, I have decided to leap into production of my own line of fishing lures, which will need to be ready by May. I have an annual bass fishing trip each spring, and I can already see the covetous looks of my fishing buddies as I carelessly pull my “handmade” lures out of my tackle box. And if the lures actually start catching fish, just think of the rental income I can make as each fellow lines up to use my creations …

Like I said, we cope by dreaming of summer.


Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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