Issue 160

Issue 160

Back in the Basement

Rob-Portrait351Having just spent two weeks in China hunting up woodworking stories, and another in North Dakota, hunting birds, I am ready for a break from this life of glamour. (I know, you feel sorry for me … how could you not?) Fortunately, my family is always ready to help me when I get in these moments of need. They were quick to point out a project or two that needed to be completed. So, this last weekend, I spent back in my basement, putting the final touches on our laundry room cabinetry that I started back around, um — July (is it really October already — dang!).

And in truth, my subterranean weekend was just what the doctor ordered. Scribing a countertop is much easier than running through an airport, and securing a bank of cabinet boxes is satisfying in so many ways. This sort of project is the right sort of medicine to take when other events start getting out of control – just measure twice, cut once, and all is well with the world. (And remember, it’s never a mistake unless you can’t fix it.)

And speaking of things being as they ought to be — this special eZine is sponsored by JET Tools, part of the WMH Tool Group. Our sponsors are the reason why this eZine can continue to be sent out free-of-charge to our subscribers (all 277,000 of you!). Please take a moment to check out their advertisements: for one reason, it’s not too early to be dropping hints about holiday presents, and you might get a couple of good ideas right here.

Well, as you might have guessed, I did not get all the details finished on my laundry room, so I will let you all read the eZine, while I go back to the basement.

— Rob Johnstone, editor: Woodworker’s Journal

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  • Quick and Dirty Boat Building Competition

    Imagine a competition where three-person teams must build a boat, put it in the water and race it, all within a seven-hour period; where one goal of the race organizers is to have as many boats sink as possible; and where one of the prize categories, announced in advance, is for “Best Bribe to the Judges.”

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