Issue 163

Issue 163

The Doctor is Ready

Rob-Portrait351Welcome to another sponsored eZine. This time out, our special partner is Drill Doctor. The Drill Doctor is one of those tools that, if you have never used one, it is easy to be a bit skeptical about. After all, it simply sharpens drill bits … but if you are one of us who have actually used the product, you are likely to be a convert. I remember back when the Drill Doctor was first gaining popularity, I, too, was under-impressed. Then I got my hands on one, and I changed my mind in a big way. I recall calling another woodworking editor at the time and asking him if he had given one a spin. His response was, “Yeah, man, that thing really works!” And indeed, that is the bottom line. While it is by design a one-trick pony, the effectiveness of that trick turns it into a workhorse.

So it is my recommendation that you take a moment to look at the information presented here in this special edition of the Zine. You might just be impressed.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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    And Thank You, Rob

    “England and America are two countries separated by a common language” is one version of a popular quote variously attributed to George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, Betrand Russell and even Winston Churchhill. Judging from the following, our own single nation of woodworkers is similarly afflicted, as even among ourselves we cannot agree on what terms mean.