Issue 164

Issue 164

Home for the Holidays

Rob-Portrait351Well, I have to say that it is good to be home. For those of you who were not aware, I was over in Europe for about 10 days, looking at European woodworking tools. In the part of Europe that I visited, hobby woodworking is not as big a thing as it is here at home. There are some great woodworkers, but most of them are doing it as their vocation, not an avocation. So as my wife and I visited some of the holiday markets that are common this time of year, I saw many fine examples of the fruits of these craftspeople’s labors. Boxes, Christmas tree ornaments, and even fine furniture … all unique, but familiar to any of us who practice the craft. Curiously, when I met the builders, I was able to “speak their language” even though I don’t know more than a word or two of German. Woodworking bridged the gap. I enjoyed the trip: for the tools, for the food – but especially for the people that I met. And of the kind folks I encountered, and there were many, I have to admit a special connection to those who were woodworkers.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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